Christians at the Border: Immigration, the Church, and the Bible

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by M. Daniel Carroll R.

Immigration is one of the hot-button political, social, and economic issues facing the United States today, with tremendous bearing on the future of the country. It is also a matter of great ethical import and so requires thoughtful engagement on the part of both individual Christians and churches. Yet it is an emotionally heated and complex topic, one often informed more by ideological and economic commitments than by biblical values.


Christians at the Border seeks to remedy that situation by drawing on the ethical resources of both the Old and New Testaments to provide a biblical perspective on the immigration debate. The author is of mixed Hispanic and Anglo parentage and cultural experience, so he is uniquely qualified to address the issue. He does so in a balanced, accessible, and informative manner. Besides plumbing Scripture for insights, he outlines a history of Hispanic immigration to the United States and addresses a largely overlooked issue--the impact that the large influx of Hispanic immigrants is having and will continue to have on the American church. Beyond its wide appeal, this book will prove a helpful supplemental text in courses in ethics, contemporary culture and Christian faith, and missiology.