Gospelize: A Spicy New Philosophy of Youth Minisry (That's 2,000 Years Old)

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By Greg Stier

The strong and spicy heat of the gospel is the secret to effective and exciting ministry just look at the early church! Gospel advancement was at the heart of the early believers? discipleship, and the book of Acts gives us a vibrant picture of God's plan to use us to build His kingdom. In Gospelize Your Youth Ministry, Greg unpacks the model found in the book of Acts, unveiling the seven key ingredients present within the early Church. Today, youth leaders can blend these same basic ingredients together in their own unique, customized recipe to create a gospelized youth ministry that results in dynamic kingdom growth. For youth leaders and adults with a heart for youth ministry who are looking to spice up their ministry and (re)discover the joy, excitement and transformation they've been longing to see and that Jesus promised! The gospel is the perfect kick!