Bread for the World Institute's Hunger Report (2016)

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As leaders of churches and Christian organizations, we are called to labor in God’s work of ending hunger in the world. To achieve the goal of ending hunger by 2030, we know it will require the full participation and
leadership of women. It is clear that our churches and organizations—as well as our government—have a role to play. We urge the U.S. government to take an active role in ending hunger and to make the full inclusion of
women a guiding principle in its efforts.  Women suffer disproportionately from hunger and poverty—yet research shows that much of the reduction in child malnutrition can be attributed to improvements in women’s status. Given the special mission and vocation that women have in society—often children’s
first teachers, nurturers, and witnesses to God’s love—women’s empowerment, that is, their flourishing, is integral to our mission as Christians.


Additional Resources can be found on Bread for the World's website, here.

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