NIV Student Bible (Softcover)

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The award-winning New International Version (NIV) Student Bible was developed to help students overcome the three biggest obstacles they face in reading and understanding the Bible. It contains improvements that will enhance appreciation of God's word. Study notes, book introductions, glossary, and subject guide have been updated by editors and best-selling authors Phillip Yancey and Tim Stafford.

The NIV Student Bible makes it easy to:

  • Understand what you read - In-text insights and highlights explain and help readers think about what the Bible is saying. Profiles introduce readers to "100 People You Should Know."
  • Find what you're looking for - The "Where to Find It" reference section guides readers comfortably around the Bible and supplies readers with accessible definitions and important information.
  • Make read progress - The new "Guided Tour" offers an enriching six-month walk through the Bible, with devotional stops and significant points of interest. Or you set your own pace with the two other options in the "3-track Reading Program," offering two-week or three-year reading plans.