Reframing the Soul: How Words Transform Our Faith

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by: Gregory Spencer

When you frame your life, what's in the picture? We don't just remember the past. We remember it as we have framed it. Jesus calls us to reframe lifegrace instead of law, love instead of retaliation demonstrating that our faith-work is framework. In this book, readers will be awakened to the power of the words they choose. As we begin to change our word choices, we become empowered to reframe our story according to the truth of our lives and the wisdom of the gospel. New circumstances, a divorce, a new job, an illness, or a revelation about the past often drive us to reframe. In these times of crisis or change, we realize that the words and labels we have previously accepted are unsatisfying. Reframing the Soul guides readers through remembering the past with gratitude, anticipating the future with hope, dwelling within themselves with peace, and relating to others in love.