Regenerating Generations

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By Evelyn Johnson and Alan Forsman

This is a wake up call. We are facing an age wave of tsunami proportions. It is time for church leaders to envision, plan, and implement significant experiences for older adults and those preparing for retirement and beyond. Evelyn Johnson and Alan Forsman, take us through an overview of biblical and historical references to old age. A detailed social, psychological, emotional, and practical look at the lives and transitions of older adults sets the stage. Johnson and Forsman will provide a framework for wholistic ministry by, with, and for older adults, as well as an in depth planning process for individuals and the church. Filled with VITAL LIFE stories of those who challenge the myths and stereotypes of aging by staying engaged in purposeful living, as well as stories of existing and emerging ministries in this field, we can all feel inspired and motivated to get engaged in this process of preparing for our new future.