Return from Exile: Overcoming Loss, Failure, and Personal Setbacks

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by: Remy Diederich

Here's your guide to recovery from grief and loss.

"Return from Exile is a road-map through the wilderness of loss."

[I learned that]..."our lowest low is the very time that God is making His greatest investment in us."

How are loss, failure, and personal setbacks an exile? Literally, exile is when a person, or a people, are banished from their country. Metaphorically, exile is when life throws you a curve and you end up lonely, disillusioned, and suffering grief over what you once held close.

What kind of losses make an exile? Exile could be from a relational breakdown, like divorce, or from the abuse of your childhood. It could be from the death of a loved one, or from a setback in health, like cancer. Exile can result from various seasons of life like a job loss, infertility, the empty nest, or an emotional condition like depression or anxiety.

Loss comes in many forms. But most people are unaware of the deep impact it has on their lives. As a result, they live with a nagging ache in their heart, feeling lonely and broken, having no idea how to deal with it.

How will "Return from Exile" help me recover from my grief and depression? In "Return from Exile," F. Remy Diederich takes a solid biblical approach to help you recover from your grief and loss. The book is written with forty short chapters that enable you to process your loss and get your life back on track.

These devotionals explain the impact loss has on you, how God can use your grief to develop you as a person, and then show you how God wants to bring you out of your depression to restore your joy and sense of purpose.