These High, Green Hills

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by Jan Karon

For years, Mitford's sixtysomething rector has been happily married to his parish. Now, he's also married to Cynthia, his vivacious next-door neighbor. For Father Tim, life in Mitford has never been so full of surprises. His wife is "aging" his already ancient kitchen walls, not to mention burning his draperies. The mountain boy he's learned to love as his own makes a heartrending decision. And the agony of mastering the church computer system is as boggling as the pandemonium that breaks loose when his quiet rectory becomes a nursery. All this, however, is small potatoes compared to what happens on a wilderness camping trip that sends him home a changed man.

In These High, Green Hills, Jan Karon takes her readers on a heartwarmingÑand hilariousÑvisit to Mitford, where her lovable characters always inspire laughter, tears, and fresh hope.