Vitality Banner Suite

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These banners are for use in communicating an upcoming Congregational Vitality workshop or assessment.   They will help in identifying your place on the Congregational Vitality pathway.

These banners can be ordered by Directors of Congregational Vitality or Individuals in preparation for Veritas, Epic, Pulse, One, or Navigate.

Please order these a month in advance to give time for print turnaround and reasonable shipping.

MEDIA MAIL is not a valid shipping method for these banners.


Navigate: A dynamic partnership with other churches, the conference and denomination to catalyze your journey on the congregational vitality pathway.  A cord of three strands is not easily broken

Veritas, Telling the Truth about Congregational Vitality: A Workshop that introduces the language of vitality, including the four types of churches and the ten healthy missional markers.  The truth will set you free.

EPIC, Empowering People, Inspiring Change: A Workshop that offers tools for change management, including helpful constructs for your leadership and church.  All living things change.

Pulse: A congregational assessment that measures your church's current reality and trajectory using the metrics from Veritas.  There is no vitality without reality.

One, A Unifying Approach to Strategic Ministry Planning: A Workshop that guides the congregation in the discovery, development and deployment of a strategic ministry plan.  Jesus himself had a strategic ministry plan.

Co-Op, Coaching of Pastors: Organizational leadership coaching for the pastor.  Every Moses needs a Jethro.