All the Genealogies of the Bible

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by: Nancy S. Dawson, Eugene H Merrill, and Andreas J. Kostenberger

Presents every genealogy in the Bible in a simple, visual format.

The Bible contains hundreds of genealogies that fulfill many different purposes, but the significance of these genealogies can be difficult to grasp. In All the Genealogies of the Bible, Nancy Dawson visual presents every genealogy in the Bible, providing an essential guide to biblical understanding of chronology, lineage, history, and culture.

Esteemed biblical scholars Eugene Merrill and Andreas Kostenberger supplement Dawson's work with brief commentary on each genealogy. Dawson works with both complete genealogies and partial lists, piecing together names in different passages to illustrate the interrelationships of various biblical characters for deeper study.

Including more than 340 genealogies, All the Genealogies of the Bible is organized in biblical order and is equipped with tools you'll need to navigate the book easily:

  • A detailed table of contents
  • A Complete Index of Names
  • Comprehensive cross-referencing


A one-of-a-kind reference work, All the Genealogies of the Bible will be useful for pastors, Bible teachers, students, and anyone wanting to study the Bible more deeply from the unique vantage point of its many genealogies.