Daddy, Is That Story True, or Were You Just Preaching

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by:James W. Moore

Popular author James W. Moore recalls how several years ago, while delivering the sermon at his church one Sunday morning, he had told a moving story about a boy and his dog. The author 's then-five-year-old son, Jeff, was fascinated by the story, but feeling a bit uncertain about some of the details of it, during the family 's car ride home from church, Jeff asked his father, Daddy, is that story true, or were you just preaching
Highly amused by Jeff 's question, Jim Moore went on to explain to his young son that there are two kinds of stories: TRUE stories, stories that happened factually in history; and TRUTH stories, stories like Jesus parables, which are shared to underscore a dramatic truth in life.
The several short chapters and stories in this book are designed to highlight such life-truths, with chapter titles such as Go out Singing, Roadblocks, Should I Forgive One Step at a Time, Who 's in Control Here What Can One Person Do Tell Me, Please, How to Be Happy, Why not You Keep on Keeping On, Jesus: The Message and the Messenger, The Importance of Uniqueness, and others.
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