Enlightened Leadership: Getting to the Heart of Change

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by Ed Oakley with Doug Krug

Being able to change to keep pace with a rapidly changing world is the key to business success in the '90s. Enlightened Leadership is a practical, hands-on guide to breaking through the barriers to organizational change. Doug Krug and Ed Oakley show why most efforts at change fail - and they provide leaders with proven methods for getting their people moving in the right direction.

The key lies in showing those who would be change agents how to capitalize on their organization's greatest asset: the under-utilized talent, expertise, and energy of its existing staff. The authors' program is based on maximizing the contributions of all employees - by sharing information, decision-making, and planning with them - creating a shared culture of organizational goals, strategies, and methods.

Managers and leaders at all levels - from small business owners to corporate strategists - can use Oakley and Krug's proven techniques, including planning, communication, and motivational tools, to support their employees in effecting the positive changes that will make the difference in achieving their organizations' bottom-line goals.

Everyone from corporate managers to small business owners can get a stalled organization up and running by using these result-oriented techniques for implementing change. The authors have helped BellSouth, Texaco, Hewlett-Packard, and other organizations create a "change-friendly" environment.