Supply Lines: Five Supporting Relationships Every Planter and Pastor Needs

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by: Scott Nelson

Despite all the support they give to others, pastors are in dire need of relational support themselves. 70% of pastors do not have a single close friend and 40% have considered leaving ministry. Church planters are especially impacted. When the initial startup is over and they lose much of their support in years 4-9 of the plant, they report experiencing high levels of emptiness, loneliness, and burnout.

Based on biblical principles and research from the United States and Canada, Supply Lines identifies five types of relational support that pastors and planters need: spiritual, inspirational, motivational, interpersonal, and practical. The book builds a theology of support, addresses the misunderstandings that hold leaders back from relational support, and explores each of these Supply Lines in detail.

This book teaches pastors and church planters to set up and strengthen a support plan for themselves, and it also teaches coaches and movement leaders how to set up healthy support systems for others. With strong Supply Lines, you can be protected from burnout and have the support you need for bigger dreams, wiser decisions, and healthier results.