When Hope Met Hopelessness

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by: Jeanne Rodriguez

"Is she okay?" I asked. He didn't answer.


My voice rose an octave, and I shouted, "Is she dead?" There was silence on the other end.


In just twelve short days, overwhelming elation turns to unfathomable heartbreak. After the euphoria of officially welcoming her beloved Crystal-the daughter she never had-into her family in a beautiful wedding ceremony, Jeanne Rodriguez receives a horrifying phone call . . . Her son Victor and his new bride, Crystal, had been in an accident on the last day of their honeymoon. Victor is fighting for his life, and Crystal is dead.

By her son's side as he suffers emotionally and physically and trying to come to grips with her own excruciating grief, Jeanne cannot envision ever being happy again. Why does she feel such disappointment when the Bible promises that hope does not disappoint?

With refreshing candor, When Hope Met Hopelessness acknowledges Jeanne's inability to understand God's plan while also chronicling her transformational journey from the darkest of days to unimaginable joy and closeness with the Lord.