Does God See Me? : How God Meets Us in the Center of Our Trauma-Healing Journey

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by: Dieula Magalie Previlon

We all experience suffering in our lives. It may be domestic violence, sexual abuse, abandonment, racial trauma, or any other number of injustices. You can unravel the layers of pain and move towards healing.

In Does God See Me?, women of all backgrounds, with a special resonance for Black women and women of color, will discover a safe space to find their voice, receive healing, and walk toward transformation. Through her professional expertise in trauma recovery, the biblical story of Hagar, and the lived experience of her own painful stories, Dieula Magalie Previlon delivers a message of unshakeable hope.

Dieula invites you to embark on your own healing journey. Bridging the gap between experience and empowerment, Does God See Me? invites you to

  • apply effective principles for healing trauma,
  • engage in reflective questions, and
  • practice whole-body exercises that lead to understanding, self-discovery, and growth.

Dieula delivers additional thoughtful, faith-informed insights, drawing from her own testimony, on topics like shame, grief, and abandonment. Here is your compassionate guide to help you embrace your pain and emerge with a story of triumph, redemption, and a renewed connection to the Divine.