2020 Week of Prayer booklet: Reconciling Grace

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Reconciling Grace

The gift of God’s amazing grace is boundless, both in its beauty and its many dimensions. In our 2020 Week of Prayer guide, incarcerated students from North Park Theological Seminary’s School of Restorative Arts program inspire us to freshly encounter and receive God’s grace. Under the over-arching theme of “Reconciling Grace,” we will pray together through the many dimensions of God’s grace including comforting grace, chastening grace, anointing grace, restorative grace, and beyond. Through these daily prayers, let us be reminded that we can never fully plumb the depths of the riches of God’s amazing grace!

The Week of Prayer can be used by individuals or groups, throughout one week or over the course of seven weeks. Each day/week of the resource includes reflection and prayer prompts, but we encourage you to use these only as starting points. Feel free to customize the resource for your purposes—adding your own prompts to further enhance the discussion and enrich your time of prayer.

To learn more about North Park Theological Seminary’s School of Restorative Arts Program read Dean David Kersten’s letter; The North Parker Magazine’s article State of Grace; or CovCompanion’s article Letters from Stateville.
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