Black Church History

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by Anne H. and Anthony Pinn

A brief history of black Christian churches in the United States has long been needed. Larger sociological and historical studies have enhanced the picture of the historically black denominations. At the same time, black-church members need a handy introduction to their own religious homes, as do college students of American history and religion.

This volume, co-authored by a black minister and a black theologian, provides an overview of the shape and history of major black religious bodies: Methodist, Baptist, and Pentecostal. It introduces the denominations and their demographics before relating their historical developmentÑfrom the eighteenth century to the end of the Civil Rights Movement - into the groups we know today. A final chapter sketches the state of the black Christian church bodies today and their ongoing contributions to a more just American society.

The PinnsÕ book will help a new generation of black Americans assess its religious legacy and the larger society to gauge its social import.