A Christian Miscellany: Terrible Jokes, Curious Facts, and Memorable Quotes from the Garden of Eden to Armageddon

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by: Tim Dowley

You might be familiar with the Serenity Prayer. But are you familiar with the Anti-serenity Prayer?

Perhaps you can recite the Apostle's Creed. But can you recite the Five Points of Calvinism?

You probably know Psalm 23. But do you know about Shakespeare's odd connections to Psalm 46?

Maybe you've memorized the names of the twelve apostles. But what about the nine orders of angels?

Perhaps you even know how many animals Moses brought with him on the ark. (Trick question! None!) But do you know how Noah illuminated the ark? (With floodlights!)

A Christian Miscellany is the perfect companion to those who like piously showing off (boasting in the Lord!) and to those looking for some wit and wisdom to quote during the awkward silences between the blessing and the meal. Packed with fascinating lists, amusing anecdotes, inspiring poetry, and more, this little book will fit right into in any quirky Christian's library--although coffee tables, nightstands, glove compartments, and toilet tank topper baskets will make fine places for it too.