Come Up Deeper: Journeying into the Secret Place of the Most High

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by Dr. Cislin Williams

God is not as far away from us as some may believe. His desire for us is that we would come to know Him as Father and seek to have an intimate relationship with Him. As we draw closer to Him through worship, we’ll discover that His presence fills the universe and can be personally experienced.

Throughout Come Up Deeper: Journeying into the Presence of the Most High Dr. Cislin Williams engages the reader in a soul-stirring dialogue which leads to a realization of His presence. Using examples from Israelite worship in the Old Testament, she draws parallels to our twenty-first century worship, and takes the reader on an awe-inspiring journey. In very simple terms Dr. Williams shows the parallel of being exposed to the sun to have a ‘sunburn’ and exposure to the Son of God through prayer to have a ‘Son-burn’. In her humorous style she invites her readers to experience a third-degree Son-burn as they embark on the journey that takes them into the secret place of the most high.

Rather than serving as a step-by-step guide leading the reader to a desired destination, Come Up Deeper: Journeying into the Secret Place of the Most High serves as a coach and a facilitator allowing the reader to experience the presence of the Most High from the onset of the journey. You will enjoy the journey as well as the perceived destination.