Crazy Shepherd Crazy Sheep: It's That Simple

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by Ronald C. Gelaude

They say that life is all about the journey, not the destination.  But with much of the Bible speaking to life after death, it's easy for some Christians to become so focused on the destination that they not only lose sight of the journey, but also of the path.  This, unfortunately, means that many people act in ways that appear loving, when, in reality, their interests are entirely selfish.  Some followers of Christ, however, are able to move beyond self and love even those who are hard to love, based not on the nature or character of the one being loved, but rather, on the one doing the loving.  Critics might call such people "crazy" because they can't comprehend their selfless approach to love-but it is the selflessness of their love that makes their approach worth comprehending.  Crazy Shepherd Crazy Sheep is the story of how one man's life went from despair to raw hope after he opened his mind to Christ and embraced a way of life that offers love, grace, and hope to others. A truly inspirational work, it will bring you face to face with a new face of Jesus.