Essential Eschatology: Our Present and Future Hope

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by John E. Phelan Jr.

The study of end times often gets bogged down in minutiae that rarely affects daily life. Or we find ourselves passively waiting for God’s future,

Avoiding both of these traps, Essential Eschatology gets to the heart of the matter by examining how the Christian hope and practice of resurrection affects Christian mission and everyday life. Author John Phelan notes, "Eschatology is not about the end only but the beginning and middle of faith and life as well. Christianity . . . is eschatological to its core."

Raised with Christ, Jesus’ followers are called to practice resurrection, which reshapes relationships with our families, our neighbors and the world at large. "All that is anticipated in the new heavens and the new earth is to be lived out in the Christian community--a community that has already died and been raised with Christ." This creates within the world a unique community hope.