Firefly: A Skyraider's Story about America's Secret War Over Laos

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by Richard Diller

It is 1969 and Dick Diller is on his way to flying warplanes in the Vietnam conflict.  He is commissioned to fly A-1 Skyraiders in sometimes harrowing nighttime missions over Laos-surviving not only the danger of the missions he flew, but also the bureaucracy of the air force, from fitness testing to additional duties assigned, to attacking impossible-to-find targets in the dead of night-with minimal fuel supplies.
At once entertaining and riveting, as well as thought-provoking, Firefly is the story of one man's journey in a world at war, and a day-to-day description of the fighting force that was flying A-1 Skyraiders in combat.  Firefly contains actual transcriptions of dialogue of pilots locating a target and making a strike in northern Laos.