Grassroots Asian Theology: Thinking the Faith from the Ground Up

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by Simon Chan

A dynamic chapter of church history is now being written in Asia.  But the theological inflections at its heart are not well understood by outsiders.  The published voices of elite academic theologians have drowned out the cadences of Christian faith as it is spoken, lived and prayed in the homes and churches of Tokyo or Shanghai or Madras.  Now, in Grassroots Asian Theology, Simon Chan examines Asian Christianity at its daily, sustaining level.  There he uncovers a vibrant theology that is authentically Asian and truly engaging.  More than a mere survey, Grassroots Asian Theology makes a serious and constructive contribution to Asian theology.  Organizing his discussion under leading themes of Christian theology, Chan looks at how Christians have grappled with their living faith in the context of Asian cultures and societies.  Then, drawing on the church's broader tradition, he points the way forward.  Chan not only probes and informs, he leads and challenges readers across cultures to receive, live and communicate an authentic Christian faith.  This is a significant book for both outsiders and insiders to Asian Christianity, as well as those interested in the broader horizons of global theology.  Chan reminds us that authentic theologies are grounded in particular peoples, places and cultures.