Grits, Gumbo, and Going to Church

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By Martin WW Wiles

Pews and potlucks. Sermons and Sunday school. Is church relevant in the 21st century?
Church seems to be all about obeying a set of rules-rules you can't necessarily find in the Bible but rules the church folks expect you to obey. God, on the other hand, often has a different set of rules-ones sprinkled with grace and mercy.

If you're struggling with the real meaning of going to church and following Christ, then Grits, Gumbo, and Going to Church is for you. Martin Wiles has been in the pew or the pulpit his whole life. He has experienced the best and the worst in the church. He knows it can be a place of pain or a place of blessing.

Grits, Gumbo, and Going to Church can help you see church from God's perspective, as His home-and yours. Church can be as comfortable as the porch swing on your grandmother's front porch and as satisfying as her homemade apple pie. Are you ready to come home?