Killing Jesus: The Unknown Conspiracy Behind the World's Most Famous Execution

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by Stephen Mansfield

It is the most famous execution in history. Its symbol is worn by hundreds of

millions worldwide. Its spiritual meaning is recalled daily in time-honored rituals.

It is the most passionately debated murder of all time. In Killing Jesus: The Hidden

Drama Behind the World's Most Famous Execution, New York Times best-selling

author Stephen Mansfield tells the gripping story of the conspiracy to assassinate

Jesus Christ and the graphic details of his torturous death. Approaching the

tale at its most human level an approach often neglected by worshippers of

Christ and the unbelieving alike Mansfield uses both secular sources and the

biblical accounts to bring fresh perspective and fire to this familiar saga. Rooted

in scholarship but told simply and with vivid detail this thrilling, page-turning

account of the death of Jesus will fascinate and stir readers whatever their beliefs

might be.