Limitless Life: You Are More Than Your Past When God Holds Your Future

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by Derwin Gray

Is your life limited by labels the world and other people have used to define you?

Labels you have internalized and apply to yourself every day.  Labels like Afraid.  Or Addict.  Orphan.  Damaged Goods.  Failure.  Maybe even Religious.  These labels might be sewn into your life with such tight little stitches that they feel like a part of you.  They feel like they define you.  But that's a lie.  If you let Him, Jesus can remove those old labels and tattoo "new" ones onto your soul.  Then you'll begin to see yourself as God the Father sees you.  The limits will be lifted, and your life will be transformed.  It's the truth.  Join Pastor Derwin Gray on a fascinating journey into what can happen when you offer your head, your heart, and your hands to the only one who can offer you truly limitless life.