Little White Lies and the Seven Deadly Sins: A Faith-Fun Look at Daily Life

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by: Laurel Jackson

You would think we’d grow tired of rubber-necking toward the scene of how others messed up. But whenever there’s a fall from grace or someone lets the monster within come out, we join the throng to see what’s going on. From a distance, of course. There’s no sense in getting too close. Sin is nothing new. The Seven Deadly Sins are nothing new, either. They’ve been around for centuries. They’ve been renamed, categorized, and prioritized. But still they live on. For some reason, these sins—Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed, and Sloth—are considered to be the big guys. We twenty-first century Americans have an increasingly serious problem with the seven deadlies: we think either they’re way out of reach, or way too dated; they are so bad that we would never succumb to them, or too obsolete to spend any time worrying about. Meanwhile, it’s okay to tell the little white lie, while staying well out of the reach of the Deadlies. Except that it’s not. Sin is sin. It creeps into our daily lives almost before we realize it. Almost. And no matter how we slice it, sin of any size does one thing: it separates us from a relationship with God. So get ready to dive into these deadly sins and daily life. You just might be surprised to find yourself somewhere in these pages.