Love Over Fear: Facing Monsters, Befriending Enemies, and Healing Our Polarized World

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by: Dan White Jr

Aren't Christians supposed to be the loving ones?

Whether you're watching the news or scrolling through your news feed, you'll encounter fear. We're scared of terrorists, criminals, and the other side of the aisle. We're scared for our children. We're scared of each other. And all the while divisions grow.

But enough is enough. It's time to fight our battles the way Jesus fought his--with confounding, disruptive, world-changing LOVE.

Love over Fear is a thought-provoking guide to conquering fear with love in the age of polarization. Dan White Jr. will:

  • show you how and why fear works and how to combat it
  • demonstrate the power of self-emptying love in a world of hate
  • teach you how to walk in love when it's complicated, messy, and seemingly impossible

We are the one's called to love even our enemies. Isn't it time we started living like it?