Night Driving: A Story of Faith in the Dark

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By Addie Zierman

"How do you know God is real?" 

In the emotionally-charged, fire-filled faith in which Addie Zierman grew up, the answer to this question was simple: "Because you've FELT him."

Now, at age 30, she feels "nothing. "Just the darkness pressing in. Just the winter cold. Just a buzzing silence where God's voice used to be. So she loads her two small children into the minivan one February afternoon and heads south in one last-ditch effort to find the Light.

In her second memoir, "Night Driving, "Addie Zierman" powerfully explores the gap between our sunny, faith fictions and a God who often seems hidden and silent.
Against the backdrop of rushing Interstates, strangers hospitality, gas station coffee, and screaming children, Addie stumbles toward a faith that makes room for doubt, disappointment, and darkness and learns that sometimes you have to run away to find your way home.