Now I Become Myself

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by: Ken Shigematsu

Becoming who you were before the world told you who you had to be.

You're not alone when it comes to experiencing shame or fear of not being enough. Shame isn't felt only by those who have gone through failure or trauma or been told they'll never amount to anything. Many people--even those who are considered successful--struggle with a sense that they are deficient or inadequate.

Drawing on a rich variety of personal experience, Scripture, spiritual formation classics, psychology, and relational neuroscience; award-winning author and pastor Ken Shigematsu shows how a deep, experiential encounter with the love of God can heal us of our shame, make us whole again, and inspire us to fulfill our purpose by making a faithful contribution to the world.

Now I Become Myself will help you:

  • Break free of an unhealthy self-image and from jealousy of others' achievements.
  • Discover how beauty and spiritual joy can help you overcome the unhealthy shame you're clinging to.
  • Create space in your life to draw close to Jesus and deepen your sense of God's boundless love for you.

Written with pastoral compassion and understanding, Shigematsu's stories and teachings will uplift you and help you break free from the feeling of not being enough so that you can find rest in the security of God's grace.

Each chapter concludes with a prayer exercise intended to nurture your relationship with the God who formed you in love and created you in beauty.