Qanon, Chaos, and the Cross

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by: Michael W. Austin and Gregory L Bock

"What is truth?" said jesting Pilate, and would not stay for an answer.
--Francis Bacon


Although Christians are followers of the Truth, many find themselves tempted by the alternate "truths" offered by conspiracy theories. Christianity and conspiracy theories have had a long, complicated relationship. But today conspiracy theories are bringing our already polarized society to the brink of chaos. QAnon, the Big Lie, and anti-vaccination theories thrive online, disrupting faith communities. This timely essay collection explores the allure of conspiracy theories and their consequences--and ultimately offers gospel-based paths forward.


Accessible to all concerned believers, QAnon, Chaos, and the Cross features scholars of religion, ethics, and public life on the following topics:
- evaluating evidence and forming beliefs
- the Satanic Panic of the 1960s-1990s
- understanding scientific methodology
- conspiracy theories' appeal to those searching for meaning
- the consequences of social media and echo chambers
- productive dialog with people who hold different opinions
- intellectualism in the life of faith
- conspiracy theories in Scripture
- QAnon's religious rhetoric


Complete with a guide to reasoning, which outlines both logical fallacies and intellectual virtues, QAnon, Chaos, and the Cross is an indispensable resource for all Christians seeking the truth.