Real Kids, Real Faith: Practices for Nurturing Children's Spiritual Lives

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by: Karen Marie Yust

In a culture that has lost touch with love, compassion, and meaning, how can parents be intentional about building a spiritual foundation for their children's development? In looking to their own upbringing for guidance, parents often feel even more at a loss. They don't want to make the same mistakes their parents did, so they either become too strict, or they take a completely hands-off approach.

A pastor, teacher, and mother, Karen Marie Yust offers a refreshing array of resources and provisions to guide and sustain parents and children on their mutual journey. Drawn from a three-year study of children's spirituality as well as the best in theological tradition and literature, Real Kids, Real Faith provides insight and a variety of helpful tips for nurturing children's spiritual and religious formation. Yust challenges the prevailing notion that children are unable to grasp religious concepts and encourages parents to recognize children as capable of genuine faith.

In addition to its wealth of practical advice on how to engage children in authentic faith practice, Real Kids, Real Faith helps parents identify their own important role in a child's deepening life of faith. This book forges a path for a child's spiritual life and invites parents to share the journey.