Reclaim the True You: Companion Bible Study Part 1

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by: Tamara Buchan

We are in an identity crisis because we've been victims of identity theft. No, it's not earthly identity theft where our social security numbers are stolen and our credit cards hacked. Spiritual identity theft is far more serious-leading to a crisis that goes beyond our finances in scope. It affects every area of our lives: relationships, self-esteem, health, vocational success, and fulfillment of our deepest dreams. One of Jesus' most powerful statements encapsulates this truth: "The thief came to rob, kill and destroy. I came that you might live the fulfilling, abundant life you were created to live." -John 10:10 The reality is that the only way to experience the abundant, fulfilling life we were designed to experience, is to confront the one who has stolen from us, to partner with Jesus, and to reclaim the identity that is rightfully ours. What does it mean to reclaim? It is to take that which is stolen, lost, broken, or wounded, and restore it to its true glory. It is to make the vast wasteland become beautiful and productive again. Jesus came to stop the identity theft, change our passwords, and to reclaim our true identity-beloved children in his father's family and royal heirs in his kingdom as Romans 8 describes: