Sophie Topfeather, Superstar!

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by: Sonja Anderson

Thorns and thistles!

Nothing in the park this year is the same, and as the animals prepare for the annual Owlympic Games there is a growing division of opinion on what should and shouldn't be allowed to happen concerning the mice. Sophie Topfeather's grandfather, the Great Wise Horned Owl, rules the park - but for how long? Not very, if the opossums and skunks and some others have their way!

Sophie, feeling she is losing all her owl friends, and now Timley the mouse too, flies away from the park and finds another home and new friends - but wait! Stardom is calling when she is whisked away from them too, and she is bedazzled by it all. What a wonderful life!

But when, back in the park, things turn ugly - very ugly - her friends come to find her and beg for her help. With the park on fire, can Sophie unify them all again and bring peace? What if she fails?