The Gift: Ancient Secrets of Solomon's Wisdom

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by Jeffrey Mitchell

Debre Damo beckons you to a life-changing adventure!

Debre Damo--the very name exudes mystery with a hint of intrigue.  That's precisely what Jeff discovered within the 4th century monastery atop an obscure plateau in northern Ethiopia.

After meeting the Guardian of the Ark--yes, the age-old Ark of the Covenant--Jeff is thrust into the role of amateur explorer and spiritual archeologist.  The Guardian sends him on an extraordinary pilgrimage to Debre Damo. Jeff suspects he has stumbled onto something of far greater value than even the lost Ark.

An ancient text known as The Book of Zadok holds the key.  The Abba of Debre Damo is about to reveal King Solomon's Secrets--The Gift.  Come along...experience the remarkable journey for yourself!