The Mighty Transformer: The Holy Spirit Advocates for Social Justice

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by: Antipas L. Harris

This volume of essays examine the power, work, and experience of the Holy Spirit in light of social problems, including economic disparities, racism, xenophobia, poverty, conflict and wrongful convictions. The contributors are David Daniels, Cecil Robeck, Jr., Michal Meulenberg, Tommy Casarez, Dara Coleby Delgado, Rodolfo Estrada, Adeline Jean, Babatunde Adedibu, John Mark Robeck, and Daniel Morrison. Some of the chapters explain the historical impact of the Pentecostal and other Spirit-filled churches. Some of them shed constructive pneumatological insights on the work of the Spirit beyond charismatic worship to provoke social transformation. Yet, others employ social ethics to explore the work of the Holy Spirit in everyday life. Collectively, the select essays extrapolate the relevance of the Holy Spirit among believers in bridging society and the church. In this way, they contribute foundational insights on public faith in the history and lived theology of Spirit-filled churches. Importantly, this book is a wake-up call for Christian conscientization, critical thinking, spiritual discernment, and prophetic imagination in a world plagued with spiritual delusion and social injustice. It is a call for the Church to actualize Herself in the world in faithfulness to Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit -- the Mighty Transformer!