The Ultimate Calling: The Perils and Privileges of the Pastorate

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by: Roland Boyce

The Ultimate Calling is a book written by a pastor about the pastorate for those considering ministry or those already in ministry. It will also be helpful for members of congregations to understand the dynamics of pastoral ministry. Part One, 'The Person of the Pastor', deals with The Certainty of Call, The Imperative of Integrity, The Life of Devotion, The Primacy of Prayer, Self-care, Protecting Marriage and Family Life, The Necessity of Networking, and The Supremacy of Shepherding. Part Two, 'The Performance of the Pastor', explores the pastor's role as Coach, Administrator, Vision Caster, Worship Leader, Preacher/Teacher, Counselor, Steward, Evangelist, Warrior, and Lifelong Servant. The work is, in reality, the author's journey through all avenues of the pastorate for over fifty years. He lets you travel with him as he shares his personal experiences and true stories surrounding his encounters with real people, places, problems, the perils, and the privileges of being a pastor. His objective is to help those new to ministry to gain a clear understanding of what they can anticipate as they accept The Ultimate Calling, the highest call upon the earth.