The Volunteer Bridge

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by Angela Yee

"Where are all the volunteers?" Looking for more church volunteers or wondering how to engage church attendees in God's mission? You are not alone!


Volunteer recruitment and development is frequently a top concern of church leaders-but church members are just sooooooo busy!


Not only are volunteers essential to the functioning of the church, but serving is part of God's plan for spiritual maturity. However, recruiting and sustaining volunteers for meaningful service can be challenging and downright exhausting.


The Volunteer Bridge is a practical system that strengthens your church's ability to move church attendees from noncommittal sitting to becoming flourishing, contributing members of Christ's church:
- Learn factors that prevent people from getting involved in serving
- Effectively attract, and recruit disengaged attendees
- Create a thriving volunteer culture
- Develop and empower a volunteer mobilization team
- Establish processes and tools that support recruitment efforts
- Help prospective volunteers connect with people and passions
. . . all while enabling disciples to grow into greater maturity!


With humorous easy-to-digest visuals and true-life examples, The Volunteer Bridge: A Practical Approach for Moving People from Sitting to Serving is a resource that church and ministry leaders can use to call people to serve and build up the body of Christ.