This Beautiful Mess: Practicing the Presence of the Kingdom of God

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By Rick McKinley

When Jesus was on earth, He painted a radical vision for His followers of an unseen reality. He called it "the kingdom of God." Even here, Jesus said--in the harshness and mess of earth--His kingdom is the way things really are.

His announcement was nothing less than revolutionary, yet His followers were not quick to pick up on it. They longed for another world--a world without injustice or oppression or poverty. But Jesus said that His kingdom was already happening all around them, through them, and in them.

This Beautiful Mess explores what happens when we view our lives through the lens of God's kingdom. We see the beauty of Jesus' reign breaking into the mess of our broken world. We see treasure hidden all around us. We begin to grasp our exciting part in bringing about personal and social transformation for His glory. 

New for this edition: an updated preface, three bonus chapters, and a small group conversation guide.

Come experience a paradigm-shifting journey into the beauty of our King, and the beautiful mess that is His kingdom.