Why the Rest Hates the West

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by Meic Pearse

"Why do they hate us so much?"

Many in the United States are baffled at the hatred and anti-Western sentiment they see on the international news. Why are people around the world so resentful of Western cultural values and ideals?

Historian Meic Pearse unpacks the deep divides between the West and the rest of the world. He shows how many of the underlying assumptions of Western civilization directly oppose and contradict the cultural and religious values of significant people groups. Those in the Third World, Pearse says, "have the sensation that everything they hold dear and sacred is being rolled over by an economic and cultural juggernaut that doesn't even know it's doing it...and wouldn't understand why what it's destroying is important or of value."

Pearse's penetrating analysis offers insight into perspectives not often understood in the West, and provides a starting point for intercultural dialogue and rapprochement.