2021 Week of Prayer booklet: Breathe Together

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We invite you to join with us in prayer through our 2021 Week of Prayer resource, Breathe Together.

For more than 60 years, the Evangelical Covenant Church has provided materials for a week of prayer during the month of January. Whether you choose to use this resource at the beginning of the year or later, it will both challenge and equip disciples of Jesus to live a life of prayer and continually seek new ways to develop this life-giving practice. This year’s Week of Prayer theme is “Breathe Together” and is authored by Covenant pastor Tammy Long, who writes:

In this season of uncertainty, one thing is certain. Jesus is alive and the only answer for our time. His death and resurrection prove he was who he said he was and that everything he said was true. Through the power of his Spirit, Jesus is with us. He is our help and our hope. Whatever concerns we may have or circumstances we may find ourselves in, Jesus invites us to come to him, breathe, and embrace his words: I AM.

May you meet Jesus in a special way this week.

The Week of Prayer can be used by individuals or groups, over one week or over the course of seven weeks. Each day/week of the resource includes reflection, an image, and breath prayer prompts. We encourage you to use these as starting points. Feel free to customize the resource for your context, adding your own prompts to further enhance the discussion and enrich your time of prayer.


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