Adam's Grief

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by: Cathy Sovold Johnson

For most Americans, the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center were an unimaginable shock. In the years since, Muslims and the religion of Islam have gone from being something little known in faraway lands to our doorstep. Wars, Islamic terrorism, Muslim immigrants and refugees have become the new reality.

Adam's Grief looks at issues of religious diversity from a biblical, Christian viewpoint, and provides an overview of the religion of Islam, and Muslims today. How are we, as Christians who are called to love our neighbors, to respond to non-Christians who might want to harm us?

The anguish Adam, the parent, feels as he mourns the murder of his son Abel by his son Cain is a picture of God's heart. Adam's Grief asks the questions concerning how we, God's children, relate to one another, particularly when we have different religious beliefs.