The Church on the Other Side

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by Brian D. McLaren

If you are a church leader or a committed church member who has grown tired of easy steps, easy answers, and facile formulas for church health, growth, and renewal, The Church on the Other Side is a passionate challenge to thoughtful action and profound, liberating change. In understandable and engaging language, drawing from daily, down-to-earth pastoral experience, Brian McLaren offers thirteen strategies for navigating the modern/postmodern transition. Learn the critical distinctions between renewed, restored, and reinvented churches. Discover the importance of redefining your mission, of finding fresh ways to conceive of and communicate the gospel, and of entering the postmodern world by understanding it, engaging it, and debugging your faith from modern "viruses." Today's breakthroughs in communications, education, travel, cultural diversity, science, economics, politics, and philosophy are creating a new matrix in which Christians will live, worship, work, and pursue their mission. This book will help you think differently; see church, life, and these revolutionary times in a new way; and act with courage, hope, and an adventurous spirit.