CKC Six Weeks to 6K Prayer Guide

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As you prepare to walk the Global 6K for Water with Covenant Kids Congo on May 4, 2019, start praying for our sisters and brothers in DR Congo. Use the CKC Six Weeks to 6K Prayer Guide to join us in prayer for the six weeks before your 6K (or on your own timeline, like during Lent). You’ll read reflections from other Covenanters and from Congolese leaders who are transforming their community, and you’ll have the chance to pray, do action steps, and discuss with a group.


This guide is your companion as you prepare physically and spiritually for your race. You can use it on your own, with your small group, with your walking or running team, or with your whole church community. No training is required for the 6K – you can show up on race day and walk! But if you’d like to train or go on group runs together, a Team World Vision training plan is included. Make sure to sign up at Here’s how you can use this guide each week:

  • Pray the weekly prayer. If you’re training, pray during your walks and runs, while reading a reflection on your rest days.
  • Memorize the verse. Repeat it to yourself as you walk or as you go about your day.
  • Do the action step. Share your experience on social media with #SixWeeksTo6K or in conversations with others.
  • Discuss the question with your family, friends, team, or small group.


Listen for God’s voice, wherever you may be, whether at work, school, home, out walking, or running with a group. Thank you so much for walking in prayer and solidarity with our friends in Congo!


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