Deep Calls Unto Deep

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 by Anna Alden-Tirrill

 Do you hunger and thirst to daily experience the Presence and Power of God? Do you yearn to know the Father's heart? Do you long for a personal and intimate relationship with Your Heavenly Bridegroom? Are you going through trials and need encouragement and comfort? Do you have a servant's heart, desiring to be used in God's Kingdom for His glory?

Deep Calls Unto Deep is the first in The Secret Place—Devotions for Women Series. It's God's invitation to enter His Presence and begin to satisfy the longings of your heart. It will help you develop a more personal intimate relationship with your Heavenly Bridegroom. Author Anna Alden-Tirrill uses the words of many women of faith throughout the centuries to the present day to unlock powerful truths, helping you become all you were created to be—fulfilling your God-given destiny.

These daily meditations will touch your heart, encourage you in your walk with the Lord, and cause you to dig deeper. For those who choose to dig deeper, who are willing to pay the price of discipleship, there is a depth that is greater and much more powerful than any adversity. Deep Calls Unto Deep will help you enter into God's Presence, and He will change your life and enable you to become a triumphant victor!