I Don't Love You Anymore

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by David Clarke, Ph.D.

It's a scene too often played out in current American culture: One spouse offers the other these five little words, now considered a legitimate exit line from what was supposed to be a lifelong commitment.

Discarding popular advice to use romance and sweetness to draw a wandering spouse back into the marriage, Dr. David Clarke lays out an action plan based on Matthew 18. It turns the tables on the divorce-minded spouse and guides the injured spouse from becoming mired in devastation to calling the shots-leaving the fate of the marriage in the hands of the person still committed to it.

Doctor Clarke's beyond tough love program isn't merely theoretical; it's an approach that he has successfully used with hundreds of couples in his own practice. It's an action plan that can be used to regain confidence, power, and control-and create the best chance of saving and rebuilding the marriage.