Everyday Activism: Following 7 Practices of Jesus to Create a Just World

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by: J.W. Buck

Many of us think of activism as signing petitions, attending rallies or marches, or engaging in political agendas. But what does it look like to be moved by the things that moved God's heart in the day-to-day? How can we live in such a way that we are always, out of habit, contributing to a more just society?

In this inspiring and accessible book, pastor J.W. Buck shows you how to engage in 7 practices to be a faithful activist in the world today, including choosing

- thoughtful resistance over thoughtless compliance
- loving your neighbor over fearing your differences
- seeking forgiveness over revenge
- resting over endless working
- practicing nonviolence over violence
- and more

If you've wanted to get involved in justice work but aren't sure where to start, this practical and visually engaging book will show you how you can develop everyday habits drawn from the life of Jesus that make the world a better place.