Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild

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by Mary A. Kassian

And we're not just talking about someone from a romance novel or star of the latest hit movie. She's the girl next door, your best friend, or someone in your family. She may even be you. That' because the longing, the thrill, and the fun is real. Very real.

Mary Kassian isn't naive to that. But she also knows the devastation and heartache being wild can bring. That's why her insights from Proverbs on the differences between a saucy, seductive Wild Thing and a smart, biblically savvy Wise Thing is a must read.

You'll be captivated, challenged, and impassioned to be far more than the world's model of the perfect woman. In other worlds, you'll become someone your heavenly father and friend has always intended you to be: A Girl Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild.