God Is Alive!: True Stories of God's Active Presence in Our Lives

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by Karen Stanhope, Gerald Gaylord, Joanne Desrosiers, and Harolyn Pinson

God is always up to something. Days, weeks, or months may pass without us being aware that God is at work in the ordinary stuff of our lives-in hidden and mysterious ways, as well as in perfectly obvious and unmistakable ways.

God is Alive! presents a collection of personal anecdotes that illustrate how God is really at work in today's world. Shared by members of the Pilgrim Covenant Church in Granby, Connecticut, the stories reveal true, everyday encounters with God through personal trials, private journeys, uncanny events, unexpected blessings, special signs, and miraculous comfort in times of pain. God is Alive! includes a plethora of beyond-coincidence stories reflecting common themes of new hope and healing, uplifted spirits, and peace that passes understanding.From momentous occasions to seemingly insignificant events, God is Alive! communicates the redemptive presence of God. The stories demonstrate God's unmistakable love, providential care, and gentle hand in every part of our lives.