Introduction to First Nations Ministry: Centre for Pentecostal Theology Native North American Contextual Movement Series

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In this groundbreaking study, Cheryl Bear-Barnetson presents an approach to First Nations ministry from the foundations of indigenous worldview and values. She begins with an overview of First Nations theology, which includes the Native views of Creator, the Holy Spirit, the Incarnation, a theology of land, and a theology of missions. Various Native practices, traditional gatherings, and ceremonies are also described. Bear-Barnetson argues that leaders who are more fully informed about Native beliefs, values, and practices will see a dramatic increase in their effectiveness in ministering to indigenous people in the United States and Canada. Furthermore, the practical missiological and theological principles discovered here can be implemented in any cross-cultural ministry context. The study concludes with specific recommendations to The Foursquare Church and the Canadian Foursquare Church for the purpose of advancing the ministry among First Nations people.